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    navigateTo URL

      Currently I am building a CD ROM where the flash animations and files are divided into sections and each section has its own web page.

      The swf files are loaded into web pages as per nomal so they can be transferred to the internet at a later date. When an animation plays at the end of the timeline the user is automatically taken back to the html section index page. I have used the following code taken from the manual to accomplish this redirection at the end of the timeline.

      var targetURL: URL Request = new URLRequest("chrome/start.html");



      The file addresses are correct. It works on my machine. I have used relative URL to solve addressing issues on a CD ROM.  I cannot find anyway to get this to work on a CD ROM. I get active content warnings in IE7 and do not know how to work around this problem. There is a link on Adobe somewhere about using different object other than URL Request to get around this problem. Can anyone on this forum either suggest solutions to this problem or where to find them. Currently I am using AS3 and Actionscript 3. No doubt there is something I have missed.



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          You will want to look into the ExternalInterface class.


          This method is the standard workaround.  Rather than calling navigateToURL, (or getURL for AS2 users) you call a javascript function housed on the page, and the Javascript causes the page to redirect.

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            Thanks Ross. This is what I am doing now and although it is working, I still have a few bugs to sort out.  Hopefully these can be ironed out.

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              As a note to my previous response I have found navigateToURL will work if you make sure the allowNetworking parameter in the object and embed tags and the automatically inserted script content are set to all, I am not counting on it, but on my CD ROm not fully tested yet it seems to work in some browsers.