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    What does 'you must update your video display drivers before you can procede'?

      A friend of mine has just downloaded the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 trial version.

      However when she tries to open it she gets this message

      you must update your video display drivers before you can procede

      whenever she tries to run the installed driver. The message then closes when she clicks 'Try Again'


      I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem before and if so do they know how to easily fix it?


      I can't get too much information about her setup because she's in Canada (and I'm not) and isn't too computer savey.

      Allthough If anyone told me an easy way of finding out system specs I could get her to do it



      She does allready have problems with her moniter (a Lenovo) which causes the picture to be upside down (which she's fixed by simply turning her moniter upside down XD). This probably has something to do with it XD


      If any additional information is needed please do tell me and I'll try and find out for you.

      Any help would be very apreciated