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    MetaTunnel Filter f***ing up Flash Player


      So I've created my first filter in Pixel Bender. Took me hours to find out that it'd be unusable in FP. At least that's what I assume after my tests which led to pretty weird behaviour (weird in the sense of argh). But then, yes, I'm not a Pixel Bender pro at all. So attached is my PB code and the quick'n'dirty AS App.


      Btw, the goal was to replicate this metatunnel fun with Pixel Bender.


      On a side node: Really really would like to use loops and less importantly custom functions. And more importantly the dimensions of an input image (but may be you can and I just didn't see where..).


      Thanks to @pixelbender and whoever!





      Oh, well... not attached then ("The content type of this attachment is not allowed." – .as no! .pbk no! .zip no!) So here you go: http://blog.betabong.com/wp-content/uploads/flash/pb-metatunnel-adobe-forum.zip (2kb)