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    Problem on Vista with Firefox "Adobe DLM" plugin



      I have Vista home premium.  I had Adobe reader 8.

      I installed Adobe Reader 9 today.  The setup installed a plugin in my Firefox (3.0.8) called Adobe DLM (powered by getPlus).

      Now, each time a FF or new FF windows appear, I have to face one or two "User account control" popup asking to validate a system access.


      I also see in task list that getPlus_Adobe_reg_bootstrap.exe is running and seems to be the process showing the security popup.


      Please tell me how to disable this !

      I may disable the Adobe DLM in Firefox ?


      Edit on 22 april 2009: no replies ?

      I tested by desactivating plugin in FF, no more messages ... and PDF still working.

      What is the purpose of this plugin ?


      Warm regards, Pascal