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    find a component with his id ? (ex find a Label in a Panel with the Label's id)

      Hello, I need to find a children component with his id (so without getchildat ou byname methods)


      ex :
      <mx:Panel id="panel1" x="10" y="10" title="PANEL 1" width="400" height="300">     
      <mx:Label id="label1" x="15" y="15" text="label 1 dans panel 1" />

      <mx:Panel id="panel2" x="70" y="50" title="panel 2 ds panel 1" width="100" height="50">
      <mx:Label id="label2" x="25" y="25" text="label 2 dans panel 2" />                    


      with id=label2 or id=panel2 I would like have the Label or Panel, without having to look in children of children
      because there is only one single id in application I think it's possible, but don't find how


      think's in advance for your ideas ! smile.gif