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    Problem generating RoboHelp AIR file

    Kutra Level 1

      I installed the RoboHelp Packager for Air to work with my Adobe RoboHelp 7 on Windows XP Professional.

      I get a "WebHelp folder could not be copied" message after I click the "Generate" button in the AIR wizard. It does show me the progress bar with the title "Generating AIR Package", but after a few minutes, I get the "WebHelp folder could not be copied" message. And then another message "The Adobe AIR package could not be generated".

      My WebHelp folder is 80MB and contains 3700 files and 43 subfolders.

      However, if I keep all the AIR wizard settings same but change ONLY the WebHelp folder location to the generated output of the CustomerCare sample RoboHelp project (2 MB; 224 files and 8 folders), then the AIR file is successfully generated.

      So this leads me to believe there is a limit on the size of the WebHelp folder to generate the AIR file successfully. Does someone know what is this upper limit?

      Also, I ruled out the possibility of the WebHelp file path/location being the problem because my 80 MB WebHelp folder that did not work was in D:/ABCD/WebHelp while the RoboHelp CustomerCare 2MB WebHelp folder that worked was in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Documents\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7\RoboHTML\Samples\CustomerCare\!SSL!\WebHelp_US.

      I also tried moving my 80MB WebHelp folder to D:/WebHelp. No luck. Same Error.

      Any ideas?