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    Index Entries Appearing Incorrectly in .CHM Index


      **I made a post regarding RH7 and issues with the indexing feature...since then, I have come across more issues, hence why I am doing a new post**


      I have RH7 and before I was having troubles with keywords being missed from the index in the generated .chm. I would open the index in RH and then compare it to the index in the .chm file-some keywords would be missing. This was occurring with all projects converted from RH X5 to RH7.


      Now, I have a project that was started in RH7-it has not been converted from a previous version. I am not seeing issues with missing keywords but I am noticing that some keywords are being misplaced in the .chm index. For example, "demand dates" in the RH index has not sub-keywords. In the generated .chm, there are two sub-keywords under "demand dates", neither one anywhere close to being related to the keyword. When I looked for the keyword they SHOULD be under, it was not there.


      I have installed all three RH fixes on my laptop, and I have even deleted every single index entry and re-entered them. My last guess is, could it be that the template I use was created in another version of RH? The template file has been converted to RH7.


      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated-I have research this topic quite a bit and cannot turn up any answers and it is hindering project production.