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    Screen size

      I am a new user, working with Captivate 3 and have the following problem. My company demands all my projects be 800x600.

      Problem I have is the work I need to do is based on our website and when I view this on my desk monitor in order to record screens, I have to start the project off at 1272x840 in order to capture the screens. Of course you know my problem already...when I later resize the project to 800x600 in order to publish it to our LMS, the quaility of the screens are very poor, the text boxes are out of whack etc etc. So my questions are two: (1) How can I reduce the size of the web pages on my desk monitor "down" to 800x600 recording window so avoiding this resize issue? I have tried changing the resolution but that does not shrink the screen in to the right 800x600 size for the recording window and (2) Is there something I should be doing before resizing from 1272x840 to 800x600 that will keep the quality of the screen shots.


      Help please...........

      Noel in the UK

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          KerryWilson Level 2

          Hi Noel,


          Hmm... I don't to seem have much of an image quality issue when re-sizing. I record my web browser based application full screen and then re-size it down.


          Maybe your settings for the project need to be examined. In preferences > Project what settings have you got for visual and sound effects? You can adjust BMP and JPG quality etc. Maybe this will help with quality.


          The issue with text boxes being out of whack will remain unfortunately.


          What I do is capture my screen shots, and do no further mods until I've saved a copy with a different name and resized it. Then as I edit all timings, captions etc I make sure everything is as it should be. And the quality of pictures remains very good.


          Hope this helps.



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            Hi Kerry, Thanks for your reply. My Project settings are: BMP High (24bit) and JPEG Image 100%. Is this same as you have? In the past I have resized up (to get screen shots/recordings) and down (to edit content) quite a few times during the creation of a project prior to publishing in final 800x600, and I wonder if all this resizing had a cumlative negative effect on the quality of the images. My current project started off at full screen size and has not been resized down yet. So moment of truth regarding the quality of images will be when I resize the finished project it down to 800x600.


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              KerryWilson Level 2

              Aha... that's you're problem.


              You want to do the resize in one go.


              The more times you size it up and down, the worse the quality gets.


              You want to go from initial size to final size in one step.




              Hope this helps,