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    Error #1009 - determining the null object

    Kristian Wright Level 1

      Hi there!


      I was wondering if there was any way to determine the component that throws the "1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference" error.


      I know basically where it is, but surely when the flash player hits this null object and throws the error, it KNOWS the name of the object!!


      Is there anyway to determine this - I can't see anything in the Error object regarding this in my try/catch, and unfortunately I cannot use the Flex Debug running method, as my application required it to be embedded into a webpage.


      My code was fine, but I'm starting to move things around due to a change requested, and getting this error - I know 'roughly' where it is, but if there was a way to see from the error message what the offending line/object was, rather than a descriptive, yet also non-descriptive error message, it would make debugging a WHOLE lot easier!!!


      Anyone have any tips/suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,