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    Changing quality / menubar problem

      Hi, I just started to play with Flex3 today and with AC3 last friday so in short, Im new with this.
      I have been playing around with some examples and now have a small site with some basic buttons with a menu bar and just to test it more and extra button. What I wanted to be able to do is change the quality by choosing this in the menu bar with radio buttons. This works, but ... when I choose a low quality and after I select one of the other menu bar items (so Site or Information), they are resized! Selecting them again shows them properly again.

      I have been looking around but could not find anything really related to the matter. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong direction and someone can point me to a website which adresses this problem, but plain fixing the problem (or bug?) is appreciated too ;)

      Thanks in advance!