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    Cannot Print in 9.1 Reader


      I have an inventory sheet that can be opened and printed at one of my locations....but at another it will open but will error out by saying that it cannot print.  Any ideas.  The file is NOT locked

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          The question here is if you are able to print any documents at the other location? With other location i guess you mean on another computer? If you can print other stuff but your inventry sheet cant print with adobe reader its a bit strange. I would suggest upgrading both your operative system and Adobe Reader to the latest version to make sure everything is ok.




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            Transplanted Yankee

            I experienced a similar problem. I use Win 7 and t

            his occured at a most inopportune time. I uninstalled Reader ver 9 and installed

            version 10 and now all is well. Customer service was of no

            help what so ever.