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    NEED help with a script for repeated tasks

      I am creating a catalog using data merge, and after I have poured sections I need to create something that will go through all the pages and perform tasks.  Some have 50 or so pages, some only 5.


      Here is what I need done.


      I need to....

      Select all

      Unlock all

      THe middle portion is text boxes, and I need them to "fit frame to content for text"

      Then the far right portion are image boxes, and I need those to "fill frame proportionately"


      If I could also delete any empty text boxes that would be great too.


      Does anybody here have a clue how to do this?  I do not know XML or scripting.


      I have attached an example file, with page one being the raw page, and page two being the fixed one.



      THank you