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    Error on Importing Word document into RH7


      I am attempting to import Word docs into RoboHelp7.  The first several documents are imported and saved into the project without incident. However, one file causes an error: "An error occurred while trying to save data to : <RH project name> <5>.  The same error occurs each time I attempt to import this particular file; the error message will not disappear when I click on OK and whole project has to be closed.  Thank you.

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          There is obviously something in this word document that is causing the import to fail. Exactly what will require a little detective work. Make a copy of the file and delete 25% of the content. Import. If it fails, remove a further 25% and repeat until it succeeds. This process will leave you with a portion of the word document that fails. Repeat the process again on this portion until you have the page that fails. This will help you identify the rogue content. Post back with your results.


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            Thank you for your prompt response.  I tried importing sections of the word document as you suggested, but I was not able to isolate the error. I confess that after repeated errors and shutdowns, I discontinued this troubleshooting, lest it cause any damage to the original project files.


            Instead, I opened a new project, and imported the Word doc into that project.   Then I imported these HTML files into my main project. It was not graceful, but the end result is good, with all the links and formatting preserved.


            As other Word docs have since been imported into this project without incident, perhaps it was a fluke/bug in this one document.


            I appreciate your help in resolving the situation.


            Thank you.



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