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    escape isn't fully working for url encoding

      Hello all,


      I was trying to use the escape command so that I can url encode a String:

      var encodedValue : String =    escape(blah.hashCodeValue);


      But the encodedValue generated wasn't what I'd expect.


      1. If string to be url encoded includes a plus sign

      if you use escape on b55Cj0bDALCTYeO+evckxmMHPWQ= the encodedValue is b55Cj0bDALCTYeO+evckxmMHPWQ%3D

      As you can the plus sign is still present.


      I tried an online tool  (http://www.opinionatedgeek.com/DotNet/Tools/UrlEncode/Encode.aspx) to see what the string should look like.

      So using the online tool, if you url encode b55Cj0bDALCTYeO+evckxmMHPWQ=   you get b55Cj0bDALCTYeO%2bevckxmMHPWQ%3d

      You can see here that the plus sign is removed and replaced by %2b



      2. If string to be url encoded includes a forward slash sign

      if you use escape on A6d/rkKds/BCijUDdWwF0AJPTas= you get A6d/rkKds/BCijUDdWwF0AJPTas%3D

      As you can see the forward slashes are still present


      I would like it to be encoded as "A6d%2frkKds%2fBCijUDdWwF0AJPTas%3d"  (/ is replaced with %2f)


      Can anyone suggest anything please ?


      Best Regards,