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    tabIndex Problem -- Two forms in same SWF

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      I have a Flash movie.  In it there are two forms: contact form and comments form.  The former is a generic contact form, while the latter allows a visitor to comment on a particular section of the site.


      I built the contact form first and the tabIndex worked fine.  Then, I added the comments form and now the tabIndex doesn't work for either.


      Now, I originally built the forms with the following tabIndex:


      Name: tabIndex = 1

      E-mail: tabIndex = 2

      Subject: tabIndex = 3

      Comments: tabIndex = 4



      Name: tabIndex = 1

      E-mail: tabIndex = 2

      Comments: tabIndex = 3


      Now I know that I shouldn't duplicate the tabIndex numbers.  How do I use tab indexing for two forms in the same SWF?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          number then sequentialy







          and if you don't want to tab from one form to another add two invisible movieclips and add them into your tab order.  you can even detect when one of your movieclips has focus and immediately reset focus to one of your form textfields so it appears you're cycling through form1's textfields and cycling through form2's textfields without cycling from one to the other.

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            I'm now realizing that the problem has something to do with the fact that I'm using a Combo Box in the Comments form.  I didn't mention it earlier because I didn't know that it automatically introduces some "FocusManager" class into the situation.


            Is there a way to get rid of it?  What are my options?