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    What are the correct Premiere Pro CS4 settings for producing WMV/MP4 to FLV/F4V videos?


      I have recently purchased CS4 Production Suite.  My task is to convert WMV/MP4 videos to FLV/F4V videos that contain titles, transitions, and credits for streaming from Flash Media Server.


      My test videos are experiencing audio sync issues when using Adobe Media Encoder as the export tool.  When I use Flash Video Export tool using the source WMV/MP4, I do not experience sync issues.


      I can control the WMV/MP4 output settings since we record our own sessions using Windows Media Encoder.  I can also utilize Flash Media Live Encoder to capture the source.


      The video source comes from a video capture card (Osprey) that is connected to an IP based camera(s) which are controlled by video technicians.


      We record from that capture card into WMV format.


      My question is, what are the settings in Premiere to produce FLV/F4V for streaming in 480p quality?


      I am new to video production and gladly appreciate any assistance.