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    HD Setup Advice

    Ed.Macke Level 3

      Based on experience and advice here on the forums, I consider my current standard-def setup kind of the "Gold Standard" (Sony miniDV, capture using Scenealyzer Live over Firewire into separate DV-AVIs, edit in PRE, burn to folder, imgBurn to burn DVDs). I'm talking here in terms of making the whole video editing process under Premiere as smooth and reliable as possible.


      However, it was more by dumb luck, trial-and-error, and forum advice than by any well-thought-out plan that I got to my current workflow.


      Now as I look toward building an HD setup for PRE, I'm trying to have a more well-planned approach. So here's what I was thinking:


      • Canon HV30 or HV40 HDV camcorder
      • HDVSplit for capture (replacing Scenealyzer, which doesn't do HD, correct?)
      • MPEG2Repair tool for any glitches
      • PRE, using off-the-shelf HD project presets
      • BluRay burner (have to burn directly from Premiere; can't burn to folder and use imgBurn later, correct?)


      Is there anything missing? Is there anything that would do the job better/more effeciently? Would this setup be what you would recommend if you were starting from scratch?