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    Best way to export flash movie for JAVA

      Here is my dilema. I get all kinds of flash movies to post to our site. I had been asking for a final output of  .swf, whenever possible. Occassionally I get some videos that have a player and I wind up with .swf and some related FLV files, which we always have problems with in our JAVA environment. We have issues locating the player files, sometimes they don't play for people with particular browsers etc.. The coders tell me that it is a problem with the "base" locations, and recommend that we get a single swf file and have the videos and players embedded into the .swf. They tell me that the browser sometimes cannot find  the supporting files, and that it forces them to post the flash files on the root directory. Any ideas what might be happening here?


      One other thing - I currently have an embedded swf file on one of our sites. It seems pretty heavy and skips - our Flash Developer did not include a loader. I sent it back to him to compress the file and include the swf. The developer is telling me that compressing the file won't do anything for me an that we should export it as an FLV file or have the FLV load into the swf. For one thing this is not a video - so I am not understanding why we would need an FLV. Am I misunderstanding something here.