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    Help with complex Acrobat forms

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      Hi Everyone,


      Background: I worked with another developer and completed a form for one of our clients but I need to know if the below change requests are even possible and if so if anyone would like to help with finishing the form. I am definitely willing to pay for an experts services as long as this can be done in a timely manner.


      What the form is - Our client wants a form that has text fields, drop down boxes and pages where images can be placed into the file and arrows drawn on it to point where the images are located on other images (some images are store layout maps). They would like to send this file out to their store managers, have them fill it in and then they would like the completed forms sent back so all of the information that was filled in (names, store names, addresses, square footage, etc) can be gathered into a database or excel file.


      What is completed so far

      - Cascading drop down boxes (user clicks on first drop down and whatever is selected changes the second drop down options, etc)

      - Most of the text fields for information gathering including city, state, store manager etc

      - Metric unit conversion boxes

      - Header text fields (read only) are used on several of the pages and are a combination of choices made in the drop down boxes and text fields.

      - Page footer info including page number

      - The over all layout of the pages is set


      Requested changes/additions


      Major must have:

      - Page Addition - There is a product page in the form (page 10) and the different stores will have a different number of these products to enter into the form so is there a way to add an ADD PAGE button on the page that when pressed will copy the product page to make a new product page? Now the product page has cascading drop down form fields on it so I would want to make sure the form fields are separate iterations of the form fields not just a duplicate of what was on the product page.


      - Footer adjustments - If we can do the above of adding pages then is it possible to at that point adjust the footer to reflect the page number changes? The footer shows the current page number then the form name and date.


      - Gather info - What is the best way to distribute these forms so that when returned completed the information can be gathered? I tried distributing via email which seems to work ok but the files might end up being too large for email so what is the best way to gather the completed info if say the files were ftp'd back?



      There are several minor change requests that I know are doable or that if not possible we can disregard. One that I am not sure about is if the color of the arrows in Acrobat can be changed from the default red?


      At first I was assuming that the Clients that get the forms needed Acrobat Standard or Pro 8 or 9 because I thought that the only way to add images was to use the Touch-Up Tool under advanced tools and right click to Place images. However I am pretty sure that if Reader Rights is enabled that images can be copy pasted into the file too if this is incorrect please let me know.


      If the above is not doable or if there is a better solution other than Acrobat forms to gather client information including allow the client to add images and place arrows then please let me know your thoughts.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and again id like to commission this out to anyone who is up for the challenge.

      Thanks in advance