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    javascript access to images in a PDF



      i'm a newbie to javascripting adobe apps, so i hope you'll excuse me if the question is just too stupid...


      I need to open in photoshop all the images in a pdf document. The pdf doc is singlepaged, usually with a single image (it's a adverting page in a magazine). When I have to do a quick retouch on a image, i choose Touchup Object, select the image, right click and choose Modify Image (actually I am using Acrobat in Italian: i hope the traslation makes sense) and Photoshop pops up. I modify the image and save it.


      Is it possible to script this process?


      My basic question actually is: how do i have access to the image in the pdf document? Exploring the contents of the pdf I see the image is in a XObject: can i get to it via javascript?


      any help is really appreciated! thanks