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      Just a couple of questions....


      1) I personally never have and probably won't work with Flex in the short future. (I hope that changes!). I currently work in the 'print' field focusing on layout and illustration. I do however design some sites and have to stress over who will program/code them. Sometimes the budget doesn't allow another salary, so I have to do my best to code it myself. I have normally chosen to work with Flash because I feel it is better geared for a visual artist. So my question is will Flash Catalyst offer any benefits to me, even though I never work with Flex?


      2) If Catalyst is geared towards the designer, will it be included in the design Creative suite? Perhaps replacing Flash or dreamweaver?




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          Mordy Golding Level 3

          1. You don't have to use Flex, nor even think about it. I too have a print background and for me, Flash Catalyst is all about using my familiar design apps (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) to create art, and then quickly turning it into a functional SWF without having to write any code. From what you describe, it sounds like Flash Catalyst will be useful to you. The only "added benefit" of having Flex "in the background" is that if a day should come when you need a developer to do some work with your stuff, they can do so without any issue.


          2. Flash Catalyst will not replace Flash or Dreamweaver -- both of those apps are powerhouses that can do far more than Flash Catalyst ever could. Flash Catalyst, it appears, is aimed at closing the gap -- for those who want to create interactive Flash content without having to use full-blown power apps like FL or DW. I agree that it would make sense for Adobe to include Flash Catalyst in future versions of Adobe Creative Suite -- I hope Adobe does -- but they haven't made any announcements yet about pricing, or how they will make Flash Catalyst available just yet.



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            knave19 Level 1

            thanks a lot! I was scared nobody comes on this forum anymore.


            I didn't mean to ask if Catalyst would replace Flash/dreamweaver all together but replace them in the Design Suite.


            I've done as much research as i possibly could on catalyst. It looks like it will be perfectly suited for me. I am not great with animation and even worse with actionscript. I can create basic things with Flash but I feel unless you have a great deal of knowledge in both animation and ac, you can't really create anything truly worthwhile that fully utilizes the technology.


            I'm glad to see adobe is creating something for the middle ground.

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              ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

              It sounds like Catalyst is perfect for you! And it's also a decent way to see how Flex is set up because you can switch to code view and see how the transitions, states, and components are created.


              No pricing or Creative Suite info yet as Mordy said. That will hopefully come soonish.




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                knave19 Level 1

                Thanks Ryan,


                Honestly that makes me super happy! lol


                I cannot wait to get my hands on the beta version.

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                  knave19 Level 1

                  Just another quick question


                  How about size? How will the exported swf from Catalyst compare to the swf exported from Flash?

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                    ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

                    Because Catalyst is using the Flex framework it will be bigger than SWF files from Flash. But we're still doing a lot of optimization and tweaking so I don't know what the final sizes will look like.




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                      It would be awesome if Flash Catalyst came as part of Creative Suite or in some kind of "Flash Platform" bundle that had Flex and Flash with it. However, going on how useful Flex is and that it hasn't been included in Creative Suite yet, I have the feeling FC won't either.


                      I'm really strong with Flex, but I think starting with Flash Catalyst for working on my projects will actually help speed up my development which is already fast because of how rapidly one can develop with Flex.


                      I'm a solo developer, so playing with Flash Catalyst will definitely be fun and hopefully become a great tool to add the the arsenal.

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                        ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

                        We won't be announcing anything as far as bundling with CS for a long time but we're definitely targeting CS designers with Catalyst.




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                          Ryan, thanks for all the answers. I did want some clarification though: so Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, and the Flash IDE will all still exist? And on the Flash IDE, is non-Flex AS3 app development still a viable focus or will Builder or Catalyst, through development team collaboration, take over this? Thanks much.

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                            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                            That's right, all three products will continue to exist -- nothing is getting replaced or phased out.  And just as you can today, you will still be able to edit non-Flex AS3 code using both Flash Pro and Flash Builder.


                            - Peter

                            (Flash Catalyst team)