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    Editing Questions + Importing DVD (for trial version 1st)




      I read a bunch of posts and still had a couple of ?s.


      I have seen and am going ot try the Premiere Pro CS4 trial (for a month I guess) to see if it's what I need.  And I spoke to customer service/sales & they told me to ask these ?s here.  So..


      1. What would you suggest is the best way to import/convert/rip a DVD (old retail DVD for example) to use a couple of 2 sec. clips in the video edit (in the trial version)?


      2. Can you (in Premiere - again the trial version for now) have an moving image shot on a mini DV cam, etc. - and THEN split the screen?  I assume you can place the entire moving image you shot to the left side (or right side) of your editing screen within Premiere & then put another moving image shot (another scene) to the other side of the screen...to have 2 moving images at the same time - "split-screened".  I assume you can do that (& please tell me if I'm wrong).   


      But..what I meant by this ? is: CAN YOU have the (moving) images of the video you shot in a scene and for a few seconds - ONLY "USE" the right 1/2 of the video (ONLY what is on the right 1/2 side of the screen on the tape of the DV cam)?!  Can you ONLY use the right side & then either (again) split-the-screen & fill the left 1/2 with another scene -- OR ZOOM IN (I guess) OR EXPAND that footage that is on the right side of the tape - TO FIT IN/FILL the entire editing/final window.


      3. Can you upload a final product (to the net for example, for a partner to view) when finished, using the trial version?


      4. Can you bring edits (a project) between a PC & a Mac using the trial version (do you not lose anything or if the files are saved in different formats/compatible).



      Hopefully this IS the right prodcut for me & I discover that quickly & easily.  Thank you VERY MUCH for your help.  Seriously..