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    Where is Outline Numbering in RH7?


      We are converting projects from RH 5 to RH 7. All our documents have to be be formatted with "legal" numbering (e.g., 1.1, 1.2.1,, etc.) In RH 5, there were 3 tabs under Bullets and Numbering, as I recall. You had Bullets, Numbering, and Outline. Now the Outline tab or option appears to no longer exist. We have had to reformat our documents manually when adding or deleting sections.


      Does anyone know a way around this? And failing that, is there a way to add tab stops at least, so that lines that wrap will indent to the text position, not at the start of the line? In other words, we want the lines to be consistently indented and aligned without having to use spaces and nudge the lines, so sort of like this:


      1.1  For example, this is a level one sentence.

      1.1.1  This is a level two sentence and if you imagine it wrapped,

        it would exactly left justify on the second line with the first word of the first line (e.g., 'This"), and not the number 1.1.1.



      Any ideas or creative suggestions would be greatly appreciated!