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    How do I make Flipping pages in Acrobat documents


      Does anyone know how to make PDF documents appear as spreads in a book, rather than in vertical format where one page is under another?

      I often see PDF files arranged as a book/magazine spread with a feature that pages flip from left to right as if you read a book on the screen.

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          dojistan Level 1

          I know you can do this by posting your pdf on acrobat.com; unfortunately (from my point of view) I can't use accessibility tools like readoutloud or the commenting tools in this situation. I haven't found a way to use Acrobat 9 pro to do this by itself. Is this a Flash animation effect, I wonder? I have successfully converted a flash animated booklet with this feature that I found online to pdf, though.





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            songpark Level 1

            on other acrobat user forum there was an answer to similar question.




            If you want the document to be viewed in full screen, but as a courtesy, you want to restore the screen preferences of the user back to the original settings. Place the following script as document JavaScript, it will be executed once and only once upon loading the document.


            // Save the settings you plan to change.
            var _clickAdvances = app.fs.clickAdvances;
            var _defaultTransition = app.fs.defaultTransition;
            var _escapeExits = app.fs.escapeExits;


            // Change these settings.
            app.fs.defaultTransition = "UncoverLeft";
            // Now, go into full screen.


            To restore the settings, place the following code in the Will Close section of the Document JavaScripts, located at Advanced > Document Processing > Set Document Actions.


            // Restore the full screen preferences that you changed.
            app.fs.clickAdvances = _clickAdvances;
            app.fs.defaultTransition = _defaultTransition;
            app.fs.escapeExits = _escapeExits;


            You can use JavaScript to customize how page transitions occur for any pages within a document. This is accomplished through the Doc object’s setPageTransitions and getPageTransitions methods.


            The setPageTransitions method accepts three parameters:


            nStart — the zero-based index of the beginning page
            nEnd — the zero-based index of the last page
            aTrans — a page transition array containing three values:
            nDuration — the time a page is displayed before automatically changing
            cTransition — the name of the transition to be applied
            nTransDuration — the duration in seconds of the transition effect


            On the last page you can add a button that will close the eBook.





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