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    A recent Director project that needs your help!

      Hey Director Fans!


      Sorry for cross posting but wanted to get this out to everybody…
      It has been a while since I have communicated with you and wanted to give you the opportunity to give Director some recognition and to help out a non-profit organization we just did a CD-Rom project for.  Go to:


      and give us a “star” or make a comment about the project.  On that page you will find a description of the project and a link to download the entire CD-rom for you to play with.  There are also some screen shots if you don’t want to download the entire file.


      To register to vote, go to: http://www.showyourimpact.org/user/register

      Once you register, you can revisit the page and ADD A STAR (plus sign under the current star)


      I am trying to get as many votes as possible so I can give the Broward Children’s Center some major recognition that they deserve and if they win the contest, it will provide them with some much needed grant money to help their cause.


      AND OF COURSE, it will show the mainstream players out there that Director IS STILL an outstanding product and can do many amazing things.


      Thanks again for your help and please pass the word around!