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    Can't find Contribute's built-in Starter Pages

    niagaramouse Level 1

      I have a complete website created with FrontPage which I have opened with Contribute to see if I could edit it and it works fine. I noticed that when in my website I have access to some nice starter pages that came with Contribute.


      I want to create another website using one of the Starter Pages, so first I tried just to create a new page but it attached it to my website which I do not want. I want this for a separate website.


      Then I started a blank, one page website saved it on my computer, I open it and chose new page, it shows My Computer, under My Compter there is 'Blank Web Page' but there is no folder for Starter Web Pages or Templates like there is under my own website list. How do I get to the Starter Pages, I have tried 'Refresh Templates' but that does nothing. If I click Blank Web Page then I still cannot find the templates that came with Contribute, how do I get to them from here?