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    Importing Word (.doc) tables - heavy in-line styles applied...

      I'm using RoboHelp 7 HTML.  I have my content in word and when importing, Robohelp applies 4px wide in-line styles to all my tables.  All my content is in tables.  I have had to go to every table and reformat to reduce to 1 px.  The html shows border width of .75 - so I don't understand.  I've just written a word macro to remove all my table borders, but Robohelp still applied the same heavy border to all tables.


      Additionally, all of my topics are in styles of Headings 1,2, 3.  When importing, I've checked to create new topics from all 3 headings, which should give me ~60 html files - but, instead - it just seems to select a few and I end up with just 4 files in the file list.  I'm used to an earlier version where all html files were created for each topic.  I'm certain the styles are applied correctly in Word.


      Any help very much appreciated.

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          Subhash Jha Level 1



          Please check your Heading styles whether they are continued list(e.g. 1, 2, 3, ...), If yes then RoboHelp7 convert word-list to Html-list and as per the current design of word-import, the document can't be split in-between an Html-list. This is the reason why your document is not getting split on any Heading styles.


          In RoboHelp8, we have given an option “Convert Word List”, so that you can select it if you want to convert word-list to Html-list.

          Since, RoboHelp7 does not give this option, so you can either upgrade to RoboHelp8 or remove list from Heading styles and then import.


          Subhash Jha.