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      Hi All

      I have used Trainer before, but not captivate.  I want the students to have to add their name to the start of a stand alone course saved as flash or an exe.  The course will not be via scorm just a stand alone flash file.  I want the students to enter their names and other details and then when they have taken a test the results displayed with their names so i can print them out.  Is this possible



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          To capture the students information,  you can add text entry boxes for them to type that in.

          At the end of the quiz, reference the values stored in those textboxes.


          As for printing the slide, add the PrintSlides.swf widget.

          Then you or the student can print that slide.

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            Devonuk Level 1

            Thank you for helping me with my problem.  Can you help again/

            I wanted to ask about the best screen size to use  800x 600 or 1024 but when I go to adobe forums and try i get the following message:

            You are not authorized see your administrator!

            I cant send a message to ask for help because of this message.

            can you help.


            Ken Stafford



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              macrofireball Level 3

              Hi Ken


              Even though the vast majority of users / learners will have monitors that can support extremely high screen resolutions. I would personally would still recommend capture at 800 x 600.


              Best - Mark