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    Live Windows media mms stream

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      Hello there.


      I am trying to create a shockwave application that will feed in live windows media streaming video through the windows media server via MMS.


      It sort of works with the normal windows media xtra but it doesn't play very well at all.  In fact it only updates the frame once every 5 or 10 seconds.


      I can use this mms based stream directly in html and via the activex xtra in director and they play perfectly.


      My problem of course is that:


      A.  Activex xtra is not shockwave safe.

      B.  We want to be able to embed the entire application on the webpage and not let anybody view the mms path.


      I have been able to make a stand alone exe by using the activex xtra but we really want the choice of having web delivery as well.


      Other then switching to Silverlight does anybody have a solution that may work?


      Thank you for any help anybody can offer.

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          smetvid Level 1



          We we finally managed to get http working for the stream but still nothing for the normal wmv video inside of Director.  Activex still works perfectly.



          Can Director even load live streaming WMV content via the Windows Media xtra?  It makes sense to me why the activex xtra is working since it is just using the system windows media player.


          By the way I have tried this with Director MX2004 and Director 11.  I have also tried the mpeg2 advanced xtra and the media player xtra with no luck.