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    Flash Video Stuttering

    MontyC Level 1

      I temporarily uploaded a site for testing that has a page with six progressively downloaded flash videos. None of the videos play unless a visitor clicks on a thumbnail. When I first started testing the videos, they stuttered. However, the stuttering went away after a couple of minutes. I later cleared the cache in Safari, and they still played without stuttering.


      I assume that the stuttering was not caused by the fact that there are several videos on the page, because they are they are not downloaded until a visitor clicks on one of the thumbnails. Am I correct?


      Is it likely that the stuttering was not due to the fact that it was the first time I tried to play them--that it was due to the hosting or to my ISP, especially considering that they still played fine after I cleared the cache in my browser?


      I'm sorry I am not including a link to the page in question because I just had it up very temporarily for testing.