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    PSE4 and AVI source files


      I apologize ahead of time if this has been asked and answered, but here's my situation.


      I have several avi files I downloaded/converted from YouTube and elsewhere.  PSE4 gobbles up some of them and allows me to create a workable DVD.  Others, however, cause PSE4 hiccups of three types:


      1. For a few, the AVI file cannot be read because the audio track is rejected.  I have tried to use VirtuialDubMod to generate a new AVI file, but I must be doing something wrong, because a 750K file is transformed into a 30G (yes, gigabyte) file, which is useless because PSE4 still won't accept it.  No joy with AVI to AVI conversion with MPEG Streamclip, either.  I suspect I am just missing a tweak or two (or seven or eight) to get an acceptable file out.  Of course, the Adobe help materials and website are utterly useless.


      2. For other AVI input files, the file is read and conformed, but then plays within PSE4 without sound.  No conversion helps.


      3. And finally, for a few AVI files, the input file is read and conformed, but then plays within PSE4 with sound that is not synchronized with the video.  I am burning one of those now, to see if it will come out all right, but I recognize that is hoping for magic.


      I am defintiely having trouble with AVI files using XVID video, but also with those in DivX format.  In both cases, the audio (according to file|properties) is LAME MP3.


      Any helpful suggestions should be given at the elementary level.  I am a computer whiz, but digital video and audio are still utter mysteries to me.


      Oh, hardware is Wintel, XP Pro SP3, 4G memory, oceans of disk space spread across 3 SATA-3 drives.  K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.  QuickTime 7.6.



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          All your problems are due to your source files not being compatible with PE4 (or is that Photoshop Elements 4... PSE4?). Your issue with Virtualdub is that you generated an uncompressed AVI so the file size will be about 1GB per minute. You would need to install a DV-AVI codec to export a compressed video that is compatible with PE4. As you have MPEG_Streamclip use this to convert to DV-AVI. In MPEG_Streamclip you select Export format as AVI, then in the compression select the Apple DV/DVPRO_NTSC codec. And in Field Order check, Lower field first. Also select Uncompressed for your audio format. These DV-AVI clips should work fine with PE4.


          You can also use MPEG_Streamclip to download and convert the Youtube videos directly to DV-AVI. MPEG_Streamclip allows you to enter the URL of the video clip (Youtube) and download/convert. Go to File>Open URL. Type in or copy and paste the URL and then in the window select the Convert option and in the next window select the AVI option and use the settings above.

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            Wumpus32 Level 1

            Thanks, I am probably hours and hours of experimentation away from confirming all is well.


            How do I "install a DVI-AVI codec" if not included in the codec pack I mentioned?  Is there a separate step for VirtualDubMod?


            ... and yes, I meant PE4.  The S must have been a abbreviation for how I was feeling about this problem.

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              Wumpus32 Level 1

              OK, update report.  First AVI was handled directly by PE4 -- 640X480, Audio - 128 kbps/LAME MP3, Video - 23 fps, 1453 kbps, 24-bit, XVID.  Second AVI, now being transcoded by MPEG Streamclip using the settings recommended (but probably going to turn out to have no video, based on past experience) -- 624X336, Audio - 448 kbps/no codec indicated, Video - 23 fps, 1613 kbps, 12-bit, XVID.  The second one, if fed directly to PE4 just locks it up and requires a reboot.



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                Paul_LS Level 4

                Cant you download the videos from Youtube directly with MPEG_Streamclip into DV-AVI format... this works very well and you should avoid all the conversion issues.


                You can download a free DV-AVI codec for VirtualDub but why not use MPEG_Streamclip as it has one anyway. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Panasonic_DV_Codec.htm


                If you cant see the video in MPEG_Streamclip when you import it then it will convert to black video on export. Another converter to try is Super... this tends to work with a wider range of codecs. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html  Note you have to scroll through a few pages to find where the download is.


                Also a good utility for determining the codec used for the video and audio of your clips is GSpot:



                Good luck!!!