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    Changes to the way Xtras download?


      Hello, we use the baMoveCursror Xtra for our games. And with previous versions of Director we had to place the Xtra on our server and check the "Include in Projector" and "Download if Needed" boxes. Then the user would get a prompt and the Xtra would download if it wasn't already present on the user's machine.


      But now with 11.5 things seems to have changed... I still check the "Include in Projector" box, but now the "Download if Needed" box is greyed-out. And if I delete the Xtra from the "Shockwave Player/xtras" folder on my machine and then go to our game, I don't get the prompt. But the game will play just fine, as though the Xtra were downloaded, but when I look in the "Shockwave Player/xtras" folder the Xtra is not present. Hmmm...


      Here is the game if anyone wants to test: http://www.shockwave3d.com/games/hellstick/


      Does anyone know if Adobe has changed the way Xtras are downloaded and installed? Maybe these types of 3rd-party Xtras are now included in the .dcr?