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    Premiere 7 - MPEG2 5.2 Audio failure

      I am unable to work with MPEG movies that have 5.2 channel audio tracks using Premiere Elements 7.


      The video comes up with an image with the words "Media Pending" in several languages. At first I thought it was a DRM thing. Then I found a post that it might be virus protection. So I disabled anti-virus and sometimes the picture shows up instead of that "media pending" message. But the sound is all funky. The sound is WAY out of sync (like 4 seconds off) and it skips a lot, some sound is completely missing.


      As a test, I installed 3 trial versions of other video editing software and they all work perfectly fine with these mpeg files I'm trying to edit.


      Then I found a post by Chuck Engles that suggests that PRE7 doesn't work with 5.2 channel audio: http://muvipix.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=4068&start=0


      Is this true?  You expect us to pay $799 for Premiere Pro CS4 so we can edit MPEG's with 5.2 channel audio? Um... I hate to break it to you but I'd rather pay only $100 for a completely different product (your competitor) and never use any of your Adobe software ever again.


      I am so very dissatisfied with this product and adobe's business practices. Bad form!

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          PE7 works with 5.1 audio. It is just that with standard definition there are no project presets for 5.1 audio so the video clip is placed on the fourth video track of a standard definition stereo project... you can easily delete the unuxed tracks 2 and 3.


          Where do the video clips come from and are they standard MPEG2 clips? Did you leave the clips for a while to allow PE7 to conform and import them.


          And I must admit PE7 is not the best product for working with MPEG video, Corel VideoStudio handles it much better but it does not have the editing "depth" of PE7.

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            Thank you for taking the time to respond.


            My reply here is to you, the community and PRE7 developers. I hope I can provide useful information for all. Take it or leave it.


            First, let me say that Premiere Elements 7 comes very close to being perfect as a video editing tool. That's why I bought it. I tested many other competing products as well. But, I tested using HD movies recorded on my new Canon HD camcorder, not these MPEG2 movies I am trying to work with now.


            The interface is well designed and intuitive. It wasn't hard to learn compared to some. But I've noticed video processing is much slower than competing products. In particular, CyberLink Power Director. In fact, in reviews I've read, Power Director ranks number 1, Premiere Elements 7 ranks number 3, between them is the Corel product. But I have personally banned Corel so I won't even look at their products any more.

            Most of my frustration of PRE7 stems from my expectation of what a video editing product should do and how it should behave. It seems that Adobe has a different opinion. I expect that video editing software should be able to edit videos in MPEG2 and 5.2 channel surround sound. I was given this expectation by several other competing products that I have tried. All are capable of handling MPEG2 with 5.2 channel audio decoding (I assume it's Dolby but it could be DTS).


            After reading your statement asking if I waited for it to load, it dawned on me that perhaps "media pending" means that the movie hasn't had enough time to load yet. And perhaps that is why disabling anti-virus seems to fix that problem. It is also reasonable to assume that perhaps the sound hasn't loaded yet. However, I am able to play the clip and I do have control within the environment, that makes me expect that the "import" is complete and the movie is ready for editing. Without any indication from the product, users are left scratching their proverbial heads.


            When importing other movies, my CPU goes to 100% for 5 minutes and I have no control in PRE7. In fact it displays as "not responding" in the task manager, though it is running. If I wait long enough the movie eventually is imported in and I can work with it.


            Note: by strong contrast other video editing software I've used import video into their work environments very quickly compared to PRE7.


            I should give a little more background before I reveal my work-around to this particular audio shortcoming of Premiere Elements 7.


            Ultimately, I wanted to pull HD recordings off my TiVo box, strip the commercials and save the files for use in widescreen portable devices or backing up on DVD media.


            In my trials I found that there is no one tool that does everything I wanted to achieve. In fact, many products have great features that others do not.

            Since no one product does everything I want to do, I had to purchase several products to achieve my final goal.


            I'm posting my work-around here in hopes that maybe someone else going through the ordeal of product limitation discovery will save a little time.


            First, TiVo Desktop users: do not purchase the Tivo Desktop Plus upgrade. Not if you want to maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio of your shows. TiVo Desktop Plus converts recorded shows to 4:3 letterbox. Which means if you play them back on a 16:9 screen they have black areas top and bottom and on both sides. So the picture you end up with is a small picture "floating" in a sea of black.


            It took me two days and lots of posts trying to discover the right tool for converting .tivo file types to any common video format I could edit in PRE7. (I didn't care what format as long as it was 16:9 and of fair quality and the sound was in sync)


            I found Tivo Decoder GUI (http://www.gmonweb.com/portal/CodingFun/tabid/53/EntryID/3/Default.aspx), which is a free utility that seems to do the job. However, the resulting video is stretched out. I expect that the anamorphic "switch" is set to true but the video is already 16:9 so it stretches it even further.


            So, I opted to purchase VideoReDo (http://www.videoredo.com/en/index.htm) instead. This tool actually has a programmable feature that will mark all commercials for you so they can be removed from the final output.


            VideoReDo is video editing software, so it competes with PRE7. However, PRE7 is in a different league. If PRE7 could import TiVo files for editing, and had the same cool (programmable) feature for finding commercials, life would be perfect!


            But life is not perfect. So, I paid for a copy of VideoReDo to export my TiVo recordings (without commercials) into an MPEG video.

            However because PRE7 has a hard time with the original 5.1 channel sound, I have to change the VideoReDo option so it exports the video using MPEG decoding for the output file.


            This makes it possible for me to open the show for editing in PRE7.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Thanks for reporting back with your workarounds. Perhaps another thing to try, did you see this post about renamimg ImporterFastMpeg.prm in order to resolve the media pending issue.


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                Unfortunately, even after all the hacks and work-arounds, I still have problems with audio in MPEG2 videos within PRE7.


                At this point I'm not sure what other 'hoops' I can jump through to get PRE7 to actually do the job I expect it to. (edit an MPEG2 movie)


                It really is too bad. Besides it not actually working, it's a good interface design and I would have liked to use it.


                But now I'm going to have to buy CyberLink PowerDirector and use it instead. I like PRE7's interface better, but at least PowerDirector actually works and is not slow.


                It will be extremely difficult for Adobe to earn back my trust. I will be very reluctant to purchase anything Adobe again.




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                  windowman Level 1

                  "First, let me say that Premiere Elements 7 comes very close to being perfect as a video editing tool."


                  It's a beginner to intermediate NLE and nothing more which is why I don't use it. It can't hold a candle to FCP, Avid, or even Premiere Pro for that matter.


                  As far as editing clips in native 5.1 sound, as much as I hate everything about surround sound, if you want to do it I don't believe there are many, if any, NLE's that will do so without knocking it down to stereo first. You might try the new Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus. They claim to be able to import and work with 5.1 on the timeline; however, they only export 5.1 with SD mpg. The HD Blue-ray export will only output AC3 stereo at this point.

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                    I don't want to edit clips in 5.1 surround sound. (It would be cool though)


                    I just want to be able to edit clips that have 5.1 surround tracks (even if it converts the track to 2 channel stereo).


                    I don't even care if the output is HD. I just want it 16:9 ratio and fair to good quality (DVD quality not Blu-Ray quality).


                    I just want it to work.


                    If I load an MPEG2 HD movie that has a 5.1 channel sound track into PRE7, PRE7 barfs. It barfs even harder if I have virus software running. (that's very odd, why would that be, is PRE7 a virus?)


                    I do not believe that my expectation of Premiere Elements 7 is too high. For two reasons:


                    1) Disabling anti-virus in order to get a program to work is unacceptable for any software program, period. (professional or not) If you think that's exceptable then you're stoned or retarded. (I'm not saying you are Charles , that comment was to the developers of PRE7)


                    2) At least 4 other movie editors I have tried (all under $110 in cost) handle the very same files that PRE7 barfs on.


                    Bottom line, my expectation is that PRE7 does at least as much as their [comparibly priced] competition does.


                    Just to be clear: In no way do I expect PRE7 to compete with Final Cut Pro or that level of professional editing software.

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                      windowman Level 1

                      It's fairly standard procedure to turn off all antivirus software when working with video and audio apps of any kind, and in fact to turn off all unecessary running processes etc. The fault lies with the antivirus software--not the video/audio apps. It's also standard procedure to turn off all auto-updates of any piece of software you have. Turn off any messenger services. All video and audio apps are very demanding of system resources, but unfortunately, so are antivirus programs. Norton is an especially big resource hog. But more than that, those antivirus programs are notorious for interfering with running programs of many kinds--not just audio and video apps. This is one of the primary reasons some people use a dedicated workstation for their NLE that has no other programs on it, and often no internet connection.