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    Confused about animation symbols in Fireworks 4

      I created an animation symbol containing three circles, one of which is animated within the symbol to move up and back down. However, when I view the symbol within my document, it shows the circle that is supposed to move twice (once in each of its two locations) and does not animate. My question is, how do I make my symbol animaton play withing the main document? I hope this is clear enough; If not, please open the attached file which contains the problematic symbol. Thank you!

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          SiamJai Level 2

          These are exactly the types of questions where looking at the file would be most helpful. Unfortunately, these new forums seem to have attachment issues. I cannot get the file you attached (it says "QUEUED"). I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean (each uploaded file must be staff-reviewed and approved, perhaps), but let's try to find a solution without it.



          Could you please describe how the animation is supposed to behave? From your description it sounds like you have one animation (the circle moving up and down) nested inside an animated symbol (the three circles). If it is indeed so, this could be the cause of the problem.


          If the only animated element is the circle moving up and down, then you don't need to turn all three circles into an animated symbol, only one. If you want the two static circles to show up alongside the moving one, make sure you put them in a separate layer. Right-click that layer and select Share Layer to States from the dropdown menu.


          I hope that helps... If your file becomes available in the meantime, I'll take a look at it. If not, and the answer is still not found, you could upload the file to an external host.


          Good luck! :-)

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Can you describe in detauil what you want the animation to do?  Without knowing how you want the animation to behave I can't guess what the problem might be.

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              SiamJai Level 2

              Thanks! I got the png and disassembled your symbols. It's like I assumed in the first post: one animated symbol was nested in another, and Fireworks can't handle that.


              The first animation (circle moving up and down) works fine. But if you want this animated object to move across the stage as well, I'm afraid Fireworks is not the best app to do that. Or at least I can't see a way to pull this off in the app.


              I'm interested to find a workaround in Fireworks, and I will update this thread when I do, but I can't tell if or when that'll happen. So, unless someone else comes up with a good answer, I suggest that you try Flash or another 3rd-party animation program.


              Best luck!