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    Can't see FMRs when scrubbing timeline in Captivate 4




      I am having the following issue and would greatly appreciate any advice:


      When I capture FMRs in Captivate 4, prior to publishing I can scrub through the animation using the timeline and see all the movement. But, when I publish the animation and bring it into another (or even the same) Captivate project, I can't see the animation (white screen) or scrub the timeline and see any movement. I've tried various combinations but am mostly ensuring everything is AS 3 with no External resources.  I need to bring the animation into another project and scrub so I can sync up other elements with the animation but no luck so far....


      Any ideas?

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          M_Anand Level 3

          Hi eLearningPro,


          When you insert any swf as animation you would not be able to view them by scrubbing the timeline. Inserting an animation on a slide is different from a FMR slide(which has a handycam icon on the lower right side).


          IF YOUR OBJECT IS JUST TO INCLUDE THE FMR SWF INTO ANOTHER PROJECT, you could try the following workaround:

          1. Save the project where you had the FMR slide.

          2. In the new project, from File ->Import -> Slides/Objects, you could import the animation or the entire fmr slide.

          3. Now the fmr swf would play by scrubbing the timeline.


          Do try these steps and let us know if they helped you.