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    What are the "Profile" and "Level" Settings in AME?

    Typhoon859 Level 1

      One thing I never understood is the option for the Profile and Level when I'm exporting a clip in AME.  Not sure if those are options for most codecs but it is for the MainConcept H.264 Video Codec.  For Profile, there is an option of "Baseline", "Main", and "High".  For Level, starting from 3.1 and up, it's 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1.  I don't know what these are and therefore don't know which to choose.  I know that the level has something to do with resolution so if I'm exporting in 720p, which level should I choose?


      **While on the video encoding topic, in terms of quality, best to worst, what would the order be for the types of bitrates?  Is it VBR 2-pass, CBR, then VBR 1-Pass?


      -Sorry if this is a bit off-topic for Premiere CS4.  There just wasn't any specific location for AME or Video-encoding..

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          Lol, I guess this isn't the place to ask..  Figured somebody would know the answer though and plus I like the people here XD

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            Research on the Internet is so easy (and faster than waiting for an answer on a public forum).


            See this pagefor a discussion of both profiles and levels.



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Profiles outline/suggest certain encoding/decoding capabilities of a given video compression standard, like H.264. For example, the High profile enables B-frames and CABAC encoding. Levels are a means of ensuring that a hardware decoder can properly decode a stream. For example, an iPod can play back Baseline profile, Level 3.0 encoded video, but nothing higher. Higher profiles and levels enable other hardware, like Blu-Ray players. For the most part, you can ignore levels when encoding for computer playback, and only concern yourself with profile. I pretty much stick with High@4.1.


              The link Eddie posted has a ton of information, but here's a good article from Jan Ozer that puts it in more accessible terms.

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                Typhoon859 Level 1

                Thank you.  I understood all of that besides "High profile enables B-frames and CABAC encoding", lol, but that's okay.  Umm, maybe you know, I didn't see those settings in the x264 codec when I use it.  I'm guessing it has some sort of default.  Might you know what it is?  I did however find there "Partition Decision" which has a choice from 1-6, and 6b.  I always use 5 which says "High Quality".  1 says "Fastest", 6 says "RDO", and 6b says "RDO on B-Frames".  If you would be so kind as to also explain to me these next three items - I left them at their default percentages.  Also on the x264 codec under the "Rate Control" tab, there are these three things lised: "Keyframe Boost" @ 40%, "B-Frames Reduction" @ 30%, and "Bitrate Variability" @ 60%.  I can guess what they mean but I'm not sure.  I like the way you explain.  Guides are always too technical.