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    preloader help

      okay, so I've been working on this preloader for six hours and can preview the .swf and it's fine, I simulate download, and it's fine. When I upload the .swf in my HTML file, it messes up and doesnt work at all. can anyone help me out?


      here's the tutorial I used: http://www.flashmagazine.com/tutorials/detail/how_to_make_a_custom_as3_preloader/


      here's a screenshot of this part of my timeline:

      Picture 2.png


      here's my actionscript on my first frame:

      Picture 4.png

      this is the link to what how the .swf acts after I upload it: http://www.twenty-09.com/pre.html

      I also attached the .swf below.


      after a couple hours of slight ajustments, I gave up and tried this: http://www.tutvid.com/tutorials/flash/tutorials/as3Preloader.php


      I followed these directions to a t and came up with the same results, it worked in the simulated download and whatnot, but doesnt work when I upload it..


      any ideas?