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    Will not stay stable on Mac Pro

    Jay Friesen

      Well, I've been happily editing away on my new Mac Pro for the last couple of weeks then yesterday, it started locking up. There have been no updates, no new hardware, and no new software. Additionally, there have been no additions of any files or folders to the project.


      I've also noticed that PhotoshopServer will never respond anymore. This was an occasional since yesterday and today it's a never. Any thoughts? I'm running the exact same software versions on my MacBook Pro and it runs just fine.


      I've done the following:


      1. Disconnected all perephrial hardware

      2. Booted a system back up of a working day


      3. Reinstalled CS3


      I'm pretty much scratching my head at this point. Any suggestions? The only thing I haven't tired is a clean OS X install...


      My specs:


      Premiere CS3 3.2.0

      Mac Pro

      OS 10.5.6

      Quicktime 7.6

      2x Quadcore 2.93GHZ

      16GB RAM

      1 650GB System HDD

      2x2TB Raid 0 System HDDs

      1x1.5TB System HDD