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    FLV File viewing on local site; not viewable on web

      I create a small test video on my web site and it appears just fine when I preview it on my local computer; however, when I upload it to my ISP server, the page is blank. http://bbbffl.kbullock.com/test.html. I've read mostly all of the other posts with the similar problem and I do have the scripts folder uploaded when I type http://bbbffl.kbullock.com/scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js. It's working; however, when I type to contact the FLV file it says it's not found and it is located in the movies folder on the remote site. http://bbbffl.kbullock.com/movies/disney_story.flv. I called the ISP thinking it might be a permissions problem but they say it's not. I can't figure it out.

      Any suggestions?