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    For Persian Language show wrong (generated by Oracle Report Server)





      When Oracle Report Server (10.1.2) Generate PDF output show persian characters wrong.


      persian language(Use in Iran , Azarbayjan , Tajikestan ,... ) has 4 characters more than Arabic (cp1256) . this 4 characters is (پ  ,ژ,گ,ج) .
      when come (this characters ) in duration word appear a space  between word.
      for example word is پشتو But show in PDF پ شتو .
      in HTML format we don't has this problem only accrue in PDF output .




      This Persian characters :
      U 067E PEH
      U 0686 TCHEH
      U 0698 JEH
      U 06A9 KEHEH




      then now i dont know this problem related to Oracle report server or Acrobat Reader viewer ?


      when we copy پ شتو of Arcobat reader and paste to windows notepad show correctly (پشتو ).


      i think this is relare to /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding insite pdf file becouse :


      Windows code page 1252(Arabic encoding) but Persian is 1256 , often called the “Windows ANSI”
      encoding. This is the standard Windows encoding for Latin text in
      western European languages.




      Please help me how i can solve this problem ASAP.