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    Reading metadata to - from image files


      I am using Creative Suite CS4.  In CS3 I created two custom XMP metadata pages that I used to add information to RAW, TIF, PSD files.  The resulting custom panel could be seen and used in Bridge and Extensis Portfolio.  In CS4 that all changed.  I can create the GUI part of the panel using Flex Builder 3.


      My questions are 1) How do you get the controls to work (combo boxes with fixed lists, fields for text data and a note field), 2) how do I get the data from the image file, have it update when a field changes, read it back to the image file when closed, and 3) how do I get it to work in Bridge CS4 properly and also be readable to Extensis Portfolio.


      I have attached the CS3 files that were used to create the panels in CS3.