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    Soft return in Flex Builder window

    webvalue Level 1

      Anyone knows that to start a new line? I cannot find it in the documentations.

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Are you talking about code to create in your application a soft return or something in the actual IDE?


          Since you specified Flex Builder, I'll assume you meant the IDE.  As far as I knew the enter key will create a new line.  Whether that sends a line feed, or carriage return, or both was dependent upon operating system.


          If I understand correctly, Windows OS uses both Carriage Return and Line Feed.  I thought the MAC OS used only Line Feed.  If you're using Microsoft Word on Windows you can do a 'hard' return using the enter key, or a soft return using the control Enter.  This does not appear to carry over the Eclipse / Flex Builder, though.  And even if it did, I'm not sure why it would matter.  The important thing is that you're able to separate your code to multiple lines, right?

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            webvalue Level 1

            Yes I meant to say the IDE. Yes, the simple enter will do. Thanks!