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    no video after rendering


      I'm experimenting with ripping dvd's into premiere and adding menus then rendering it back as dvd, mpeg, and flash.


      I have a video I recorded with my dvd recorder, 1hr15mins, when I rip it into premiere, it comes in as 3 different files totaliing about 20 minutes.


      When I render as mpeg, I get audio but no video.


      What am I missing?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Are you putting the DVD in your DVD drive and using the PE7 media downloader to import the vob files from the DVD? If so do you see the 3 different files in your organizer? And when you say rendering to MPEG do you mean exporting to MPEG? So placing the 3 files on the timeline and then using the Share option to export to MPEG.


          Regarding your importing, PE7 sometimes does have issues importing the vobs from a DVD. It is better to download them to your hard-drive and join them in one operation using the Command Prompt. This will download the complete DVD and resolve any audio sync issues you may later find. Once on your hard-drive use the Get Media from Files and Folders in PE7 to import the video. See this link from Muvipix:



          Can you give some details on how you are rendering to MPEG... what prests/settings you have selected?

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            unc417 Level 1

            I tried copying the vob files from dvd to hard drive and importing them, but I get the same result.  This time, from a 45minute video, I get 2 files, totaling about 5 mins.


            Am I still doing something wrong?

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Did you try using the Command Prompt in my first post? This should solve your problems.


              If you play the files on your hard-drive in a mediaplayer are they the correct length? If they are, but they are not in Premiere Elements you may need to convert them to DV-AVI, which is a more compatible format for Premiere Elements.


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                unc417 Level 1

                Thanks. That seems to have worked.


                I used the cmd prompt to join the vob files together, but PE7 still gave me short files.  Mpeg Streamclip was the only solution to convert to avi that worked for me.  It converted my 1.25gb vob file to a 10gb avi. Is that normal?  It took a while for streamclip to render, and a while for PE7 to import that 10gb file too, but I've just completed the burning of the dvd.  It plays fine on my screen, though it's a bit blurry. I hope that's because my lcd screen has a higher resolution than a tv?? I'll play it on a tv soon and see how it looks.

                I'm rendering as flash now to upload online and see how it looks there.


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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  DV-AVI is 13GB per hour so the video files are large. Your DVD resolution will be 720x480... so if this is played full screen on a computer monitor it will look blurry.

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                    unc417 Level 1

                    I noticed there is a quality setting in the streamclip program, it defaulted to 50%.  The instructions did not mention moving that, does that, or anything else in the conversion process going to avi and then again PE rendering to flash or dvd do anything to lower quality?

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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      I must admit I have always left the slider at 50%. I guess you would get better quality by increasing this to 100%... all I can imagine is that it would take longer to encode. Only other important thing to check is that the Field Dominace is set to Lower Field First... if this is set to Upper Field First the DVD playback will be jittery or jerky.

                      As long as your video is around 1 hour the DVD will burn at it's top quality setting of 8Mb/s, as you exceed 1 hour the bitrate is reduced to fit the video to the DVD.

                      For Flash, once you have picked an export preset you can go into Advanced and increase the bitrate and therefore quality if you like. However this will increase the file size.

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                        unc417 Level 1

                        I thought a DVD could hold 2hrs+ video?

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                          Paul_LS Level 4

                          Well a DVD can hold a lot more then 2 hours... it all depends on the quality. The DVD standard sets a maximum combined birate for video and signal of 9.8Mb/s... in PE7 the maximum video bitrate is 8 Mb/s (leaving room for the audio) and this equates to a little over 1 hour of video. Many DVD manufacturers themselves quote on the DVD packaging: "1 at high quality and 2 hours at standard quality"... so for 2 hours the bitrate is reduced to around 5Mb/s.

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                            unc417 Level 1

                            Ok, that makes sense.

                            If it interests you to know, I re-encoded my vob file to avi at 100%.  it did take longer to render, the file size was the same, and I couldn't tell a difference in quality by quick inspection playing in windows media player.


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                              Paul_LS Level 4

                              Thanks for the feedback, that is interesting to know.