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    Premier does not use all my CPU Cores 100%

      Hello all!


      I have built a dual quad xeon video editing workstation for my work but when we do any exports or renders the computer never uses more than 30% of its total CPU resources.  I have tried various codecs and settings but it always maxes out at 30% which is very frustrating.  By turning off 6 of the 8 cores in task manager affinity settings i can get both the cores to run at 100% which equals 30% CPU time.  If you turn on the other cores the load is then spread among them and the total CPU utilisation never goes higher than 30%.  From reading this forum i know other people have all their cores maxed out when rendering or exporting.


      Full system specs are:


      Tyan Tempest i5000XT

      2x Quad Xeon

      4GB DDR2 RAM

      Radeon 1950 Pro

      Creative X-Fi Plat pro


      Windows XP (32bit) SP3

      Adobe Production Suite CS3


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.