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    Problem with Wipe effect and Invisible state


      Hi folks....

      I've see how use wipe effect at this link http://www.igorcosta.com/flex3/doc/mx/effects/WipeLeft.html


      and the core is that:


      <mx:Image source="@Embed(source='assets/Nokia_6630.png')" 
                  hideEffect="{wipeOut}" showEffect="{wipeIn}"/>

      Now, I want write a personal effect handler, that opens and closes a windows with WipeLeft and
      WipeRight effect, but there are some problmes...

      Open is OK!

      private function Open():void {
           _scroll.addEventListener(FlexEvent.SHOW, WipeOut);
              _scroll.visible = true;


      the window became visible while Wipe effect runs....



      but Close doesn't works


      private function Close():void {
           _scroll.addEventListener(FlexEvent.HIDE, WipeIn);
             _scroll.visible = false;


      because the windows became invisible before that Wipe effect starts...



      Can you help me?

      thanks a lot