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    Installer for Adobe AIR does not respond when double-clicked?

      I tried to install Adobe AIR on my laptop (WinXP Professional, SP3), but the link at http://get.adobe.com/air/ didn't work - website said 'downloading' and to click OK when prompted, but I never got prompted.


      So I found an alternate site, downloaded the installer and double clicked to run it. Nothing happened. So I tried a couple more times before checking my Task Manager.


      Under 'Processes', there were several instances of the Adobe Air Installer.exe running, but nothing was happening that I could see!


      I'm not sure if it's a conflict with any other software or insufficient system requirements, but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrongly, cos I managed to successfully install Adobe AIR on another laptop I have, also running WinXP, and got Tweetdeck to work on it.


      Would appreciate any help on this matter from the more enlightened.


      Thanks in advance!