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    NAB 2009

    tclark513 Level 3

      Is anybody going?  If so...can you update us in this thread with new information?



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          Eric Addison User Group Manager

          I'll be there Monday, and I'll try and report back anything I learn. I'm sure that if Adobe has any announcements, they will be on the Adobe website. I'm hoping that the 4.1 update will be announced and we'll learn all the details on Monday. 

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            tclark513 Level 3

            Sounds good.  I will be looking forward to the reports.

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              RDA972 Level 3



              Should you happen to walk by the Sony booth, please ask them if a shoulder-mount XDCAM EX camcorder is in the pipeline.

              Thanks in anticipation.

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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                As long as you are on a shopping tour if you get a chance to check with Panasonic, ask them if there is going to be a lower cost version of their new AVC-I camera the new AG-HP300.  At $10K I cannot justify that much.

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                  Eric Addison User Group Manager

                  Should you happen to walk by the Sony booth, please ask them if a shoulder-mount XDCAM EX camcorder is in the pipeline.


                  I'll do my best. I do intend on stopping by to see if Sony has anything new to show. And as I'm in the market for a new camera and currently deciding between the EX3 and the HPX-300, I'll try and find out for you.


                  And Bill, I'll ask - I'll probably spend quite a bit of time with the Panasonic people (as I'm leaning towards the HPX-300 over the EX3), so I'll be sure to ask them.


                  I'll probably spend a lot of time at the Adobe booth as well, so anything I learn I'll try and post Monday night when I get home or Tuesday morning...


                  And if Josh Townsend reads this, I will be stopping by Red Giant to see how Colorista is coming along for PPRo CS4 - and to bug them about not releasing a version of Primatte that works in PPro...I would LOVE that! I like Keylight in AE, but not having to take that trip into AE for quality keying would be SOOOOO nice.


                  I'm really hoping to see a PPro 4.1 update that includes native AVC-I support, as well as, many bug fixes and FCP export....let's see what Adobe says on Monday morning.

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                    tclark513 Level 3

                    I thought we would have heard something by now.

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                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                      How could we it is next week

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                        tclark513 Level 3

                        I thought it started yesterday the 17th.

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                          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                          Nab 2009.jpg

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                            Eric Addison User Group Manager

                            I would start looking online late Sunday night for any announcements on the Adobe site. I'm sure whatever they are going to announce will be put up then so it'll be ready for Monday morning. I'm going to try and make the keynote talk from Adobe at 10:30 Monday morning so if anything big is announced there, I'll post here Monday night when I get home.

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                              joshtownsend Level 2

                              Thanks Eric, that would be great, Totally agree about the having the roung trip to AE. I own primmatte jst never use it anymore.


                              Also if Adobe doesn't doesn't fix the 24p a uto pulldown throw a shoe at 'em for me



                              Have a good time bro.



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                                tclark513 Level 3

                                I read somewhere that Adobe is going to announce a few new things.  Hopefully we will hear something soon.

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                                  Ben Schuiling Level 1

                                  Adobe also announced Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 version 4.1, a free update for existing customers of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. The update improves compatibility with RED cameras, offering more control over RAW settings when used in conjunction with an updated RED plug-in, available in May from RED.com. In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.1 provides interoperability with Avid Media Composer software through a number of software fixes, enabling Adobe Premiere Pro to import Avid projects without recapturing media files. Finally, the update includes software fixes to enable full HD workflows on leading post-production hardware—including AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox video cards—and many other important fixes. Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1 is expected to be available in late May via the Adobe updater and from www.adobe.com .


                                  from: http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/pressreleases/200904/042009AdobeNABUmbrella.html

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                                    tclark513 Level 3

                                    I was hoping to hear about the fixes.  :-(

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                                      tclark513 Level 3

                                      Here is a little more info



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                                        joshtownsend Level 2

                                        That's a joke right? another month for almost all RED fixes................I'm seriously switching to Final Cut when I put together my next system.

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                                          tclark513 Level 3

                                          That does sound nice for the Red people but it would be nice to get a list of the bug fixes.

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                                            Colin Brougham Level 6

                                            You won't hear about bug fixes until the patch is released, because patches don't sell new boxes of product. Features of dubious perceived value do, and that's what Adobe seems to be banking on here.


                                            I don't know... maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it almost seems like Adobe is waving the white flag of surrender when it comes to making Premiere Pro a viable editor in its own right. The apparent aim of interoperability with every conceivable NLE with PP is interesting, but all this Kumbaya around the campfire is disconcerting. Read that press release: the repeated thread is about using PP as a means of getting into After Effects. This goes for Final Cut Pro, Avid, and RED, and presumably any editor that'll spit out an AAF.


                                            This is all fine and good, and we all know that this was the way things were going. But it's troubling to me to see so much effort put into making PP simply a conduit for other editors' projects, when it seems like many more cycles should be spent making PP bombproof for those of us who rely on it as our primary editor. I could be wrong--I hope I am--and maybe 4.1 will be the release we've all been waiting for, but I can't help but be skeptical. The timeframe of the patch doesn't bother me; the focus of it does.


                                            Oh well... Adobe already got me, so I might as well play their game. I'll pony up and get an editor I'd prefer, and use their thinly-veiled marketing tool as they'd have it be used. C'est la vie.

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                                              Bill Heslip Level 1

                                              For me, CS4 sits on the shelf until the 4.1 patch is issued.  For as long as they've been working on it, I expect a good experience and believe Adobe will deliver.

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                                                Eric Addison User Group Manager

                                                Okay, kids...just got home from NAB and here's my report.


                                                As for Sony releasing an EX shoulder mount camera - no one would say anything at the Sony booth about what they had in the works...which is no big surprise, but I took a shot. That booth, for those who've never been to NAB, is the size of a small city. And it's very crowded.


                                                As for Panasonic releasing a cheaper AVC-I camera, again no one would comment on future cameras - they were too busy talking about the HPX-300 (which I've decided to buy), cheaper P2 cards (thank God!), and the new smaller AVCHD camera, as well as the higher end Varicam cameras.


                                                Josh - talked to Red Giant and told them they have at least 2 users dying for Colorista in PPro CS4. They said they know and it is on their list of things to get to...not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least they know. I also hit them up for Primatte in PPro. Told them that we need a good keyer in PPro - love Keylight, but don't want to have to go to AE all the time for it.


                                                As for Adobe, I tried my best to talk to anyone and everyone I could about the update - spent a lot of time at the verybusy booth. You all know the major stuff - AVC-I native support, improved RED support, more AVCHD presets, and what I'm told are lots of fixes under the hood. Now, as for that excatly those fixes are was never clearly stated to me by anyone. However, the feeling I got from everyone I spoke to was that the update was a big fix...really big. As for coming out next month, I get the feeling that they are trying to make this as bug free as possible, and making sure they get everything right before releasing. And I couldn't agree with that more.


                                                Now, Colin - about your post and Adobe waving the white flag. I think the steps the PPro team are taking in this direction are exactly what they have to do. Think about it - FCP users, by and large, LOVE FCP...they aren't switching. They feel they have no reason to. So even though they may have Production Premium on their system (which many do), they never open PPro. But I think Adobe's strategy is if they can get them to at least open it and use it as a pass through to AE, they may get them curious enough to play with it. And if they do that, they may like it, thus switching over to more of an Adobe centered workflow. Same with Avid. PPro is crippled not so much by any bugs, but by reputation. So many editors I know used Premiere in it's buggy past, and have sworn it off. Adobe has to find a way to reach these editors who've sworn them off and get them to at least open PPro...this is the perfect way to do that. And as long as they continue to improve PPro (which I believe they are), they've got a chance at winning over some people. Like I said, that booth was packed all day...lots of people checking out PPro and asking about the RED workflow. Besides, for those of use who make a  living editing, how great is it that we can work with projects started on other NLEs...just means that we may get a shot at projects that producers wouldn't have hired us for because it was started on some other system.


                                                Now, it's time to collapse and go to bed. Hope that information is useful to some of you.

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                  Thank you for the comprehensive report. Please enjoy and keep up the good work.



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                                                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                                    I would like to add my thanks also--great job

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                                                      joshtownsend Level 2

                                                      Thanks Eric!!!


                                                      Colin - The only reason I deal with Premiere into get into After Effects. However I hate that when I open a project in AE it doesn't know where the AE dl files in the timeline are. THAT IS A PAIN.

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                                                        Thrill Media Level 2


                                                        Thanks Eric!  Great report.  Wish I could've been there too!

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                                                          tclark513 Level 3

                                                          Thanks for the info Eric!

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                                                            RDA972 Level 3

                                                            "As for Sony releasing an EX shoulder mount camera - no one would say anything at the Sony booth about what they had in the works...which is no big surprise, but I took a shot."


                                                            Thanks Eric for your time and effort. Too bad Sony is so tight-lipped. I'll have to check the HPX-300 out.

                                                            On a side note, where did you learn about the upcoming AVC-I native support ?

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                                                              Eric Addison User Group Manager

                                                              Happy to help, everyone. I wish I had more detailed news for you all...


                                                              As for where I heard about AVC-I support, I read about it online while waiting to catch the flight to Las Vegas, and then I spoke to some Adobe people at the Adobe booth about it. They demo'd it on a computer there.

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                                                                RDA972 Level 3

                                                                That's good news indeed.

                                                                All the more reason for taking a closer look at Panasonic's latest offering.

                                                                Again, thanks a lot Eric.