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    Flash 7 vs 10 - hang/unload issue in IE6




      First off, thanks for taking a look at this. Any information you may have is appreciated.


      The situation I'm running into could probably be a problem with any of several different variables. I'll try to explain as simply as I can.


      Basically, our company makes tests. The tests are loaded locally onto a computer, but the test program runs through Internet Explorer 6. Each question has an swf that goes along with it. Some have one or more still pictures (.psd's), some have one or more video clips (.flv's), some have a mix of both. The media is imported and embedded into fla's we keep and use as templates to process the other media. All have some zoom and drag functionality as well as playback options built in using ActionScript, which is why we're not just using jpg's and wmv's.


      The issue we're running into it that all our material works fine when it's published in Flash 7 and the computer has Flash Player 7 installed. Navigating between questions goes smoothly and there has never been a problem. We've been running quality control (QC) on using Flash Player 10 with both Flash 7 content and Flash 10 content to make sure that it transitions smoothly, but we've been running into problems with IE lagging between questions, occasionally freezing, and occasionally seeming like it has not unloaded the swf from the previous question. Changing the browser cache setting "check for newer versions of stored pages:" from "Automatically" to to "Every visit to the page" seems to fix the problem, however, changing that setting is not an option at the test centers where the tests are given.


      So, the questions I have are:


      1. Is anyone aware of problems with Flash Player 10 that would cause issues like this?

      2. Is there a way to work around these problems either through Publish Settings or ActionScript?


      If anyone has any ideas, we'd be happy to hear them. Thanks so much for your help!