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    Variables Inside a variable in CFmail?


      Hey all!  Thanks in advance for the help on this...


      I'm trying to submit an email with a variable in it.... example:


      <cfmail to="#camperdetails.cEmail#" from="sepcampapp@seprevived.com" username="sepcampapp@seprevived.com" password="xxxxx" server="xxxxxx" subject="#msubject#" type="html">


      However, the camperaccept variable is dynamic and has variables stored inside.  For instance, it could have #campdetail.campername# in it.


      Whenever I receive a test email on this, the #campdetail.campername# comes across just as that, as text, rather than pulling down the actual variable.  I've tried using the <cfoutput> tags as well.


      Any thoughts on how to make that content actually dynamic?  The problem is that I can't just parse out the variables because those variables are user defined, so they have to be pulled from a database entry.



      Let me know if you have any insight, it would be greatly appreciated!