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    You Tube Conversion


      My company is producing a series of training and "elevator pitch" videos within captivate that we would like to broadcast on you tube. I have downloaded a number of .swf to .avi conversion tools such as Sothlink, AUN Soft, and Byte Scout to name a few (details on my experiences with them below).


      Does anyone have successful experience converting Captivate for use on You Tube? This is a time sensitive issue and I'd appreciate some solid advice or simply a point in the right direction.


      I downloaded Sothlink based on an Adobe Captivate blog. (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/captivate/articles/youtube.html) Within the application it captured video and audio with no issue, however, the exported file had no audio. I matched all my settings per the blog's settings with no luck. Tried this multiple times with multiple files and different settings. I reviewed their support forums and postings haven't been responded to since 2008, so I am not sure if there is current support for this application. My email to support has gone unanswered.


      AUN Soft captured audio and video, but it will only do the first 5 seconds of the movie, nothing else. I followed their step-by-step instructions, tried multiple files, multiple setup types... no luck.


      Byte Scout was simply a train wreck.


      Also, has Adobe announced plans to allow for Captivate to You Tube conversion natively? I really like the program overall, but I see this as a big deficiency... at least for my purposes.